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Foreign Exchange : Decree n°2017-393 dated March 28, 2017 amending and completing decree n° 77-608 dated 27 July 1977 fixing the implementation conditions of law n° 76-18 dated 21 January 1976 revising the codification of the change and foreign trade legislation governing the relations between Tunisia and foreign countries.
Real Estate : Decree n°2017-395 dated March 28,2017 determining the tax amount by reference square meter for each category of immovable for industrial, commercial or professional use. Governmental Decree n° 2017-396 dated March 28, 2017 determining the tax amount by square meter of the unbuilt site. Decree n°2017-397 dated March 28, 2017 determining the minimum and maximum of the reference price for the covered square meter for each categories of immovable liable for the built immovable tax Order dated March 13, 2017 fixing the documents constituting the expropriation file for reasons of public utility.
Investment : Gouvernmental Decree n°2017-338 dated March 9 th , 2017 fixing the composition and the modalities of organization of the Higher Investment Council, the administrative and financial organization of the Tunisian Investment Authority and the Tunisian Investment Fund as well as the rules of its functioning. Decree n°2017-389 dated March 9th ,2017 related to financial incentives made for investments made under the investment Law. Decree n° 2017-390 dated March 9th ,2017 establishing, organizing and operating methods of a management unit by goals for the realization of a project to revise the authorizations to carry out economic activities and the setting of the Tunisian nomenclature of these activities.
Corruption : Loi organique n° 2017-10 du 07/03/2017 relative à la dénonciation de la corruption et la protection des dénonciateurs.
Banking Law : Governmental Decree n°2017-190 dated February 1 st , 2017 fixing the internal regulation of the banks and financial institutions in difficulty rescue commission Order Of the Ministry of Finance dated January 17th, 2017 publishing the effective interest rates and corresponding excessive interest rate thresholds.
Micro Finance : Governmental Decree n°2017-936 dated January 19 th, 2017 related to the extension of the deadline granted to the micro finance associations to comply with the Decree n°2011-117 dated November 5th , 2011 related to the organization of the activities of micro finance institutions as modified by the Law n° 2014-46 dated July 24th , 2014. Order dated December 23rd , 2017: fixing the management and transparency rules and standards of micro finance institutions
Financial Market : Order dated March 25th, 2017 bearing visa of the financial market regulation related to the fight against market failures. Order dated January 19th, 2017 bearing visa of the financial market regulation related to the practical measures for the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
State Public Domain : Law n°2017-20 dated April 12, 2017 amending the Law n°1986-17 dated March 7th, 2017 revising the legislation related to the state public road domain.
Magistracy : Loi organique n° 2017-19 du 18/04/2017, portant modification de la loi organique n° 2016-34 du 28 avril 2016, relative au conseil supérieur de la magistrature.
Social Security : Order dated April 10, 2016 fixing the scale of wages updating taken into account in the calculation of old-age, disability and survivor pensions.
Tax : Law n°2017-08 dated February 2nd 2017, related to the tax incentives system

Governmental Decree n°2017-418 dated April 10th, 2017 fixing the list of services directly related to the production concerned by the definition of the exporting operations and the list of support activities provided by articles 68 and 70 of the Tax Code.  

Governmental Decree n°2017-419 dated April 10th, 2017 fixing the list of equipments and the advantages provided by the articles 3,4 and 5 of the law n° 2017-8 dated February 14th ,2017 revising the tax incentive system
INVESTMENT : Law No. 2016-71 dated September 30 th, 2016, Investment Law.

Law No. 2015-49 dated November 27 th, 2015, relating to partnership contracts between the public and the private sector.

Order of the Minister of industry dated July 29,2015 , concerning the establishment, organization membership and working methods of the technical commission to study the files before submission to the higher commission investment.

BANKING : Law No. 2016-48 dated July 11 th, 2016, relating to banks and financial institutions.

Law No. 2016-35 dated April 25, 2016, determining the general status of the Central Bank of Tunisia.

Decree No. 2016-1098 dated August 15 th, 2016, on the organization and operating procedures of the Tunisian Commission for Financial Analysis.

COMPANIES IN ECONOMIC HARDSHIP : Law No. 2016-36 dated April 29 th, 2016, on collective procedures.
REAL ESTATE LAW : Law No. 2016-67 dated August 15 Th, 2016, amending the Law No. 83-87 of 11 November 1983 on the protection of agricultural land.
Law No. 2016-53 dated July 11 th, 2016 relating to expropriation because of public utility considerations

COMPETITION AND PRICES : Law No. 2015-36, dated September 15 th, 2015, reorganizing competition and prices.

Governmental Decree n° 2016-1148 dated August 19 th, 2016 fixing the procedures and modalities of the mandatory consultation of the Competition Council on legislative and regulation drafts.

Decree n° 2016-780 dated June 13th, 2016 fixing the threshold of the global turnover for the submission of proposed concentration to prior authorization.

Governmental Decree n° 2016-1204 dated October 18th, 2016 fixing the procedures for the presentation of requests for exemption and its duration in application of the dispositions of law n° 2016-36 dated September 15th, 2016 reorganizing competition and prices.
ENERGY : Decree No. 2016-1123 dated 24 th August 2016, specifying the conditions and procedures for achieving the production and sale of electricity projects based on renewable energy.
COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES : Order dated June 14 th, 2016 amending the Order 09/14/61 on the merchant card and approval procedures for the exercise of certain commercial activities.
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