Ferchiou & Associés provides global legal services that will help you implement your project in Tunisia. Our corporate department will advise you on the best legal approach and structure to pursue your intended business activity and take advantage of local tax and investment incentives.

Incorporation of Companies
Firm lawyers and staff will assist you in deciding on the most suitable type of structure for your project and will accompany you throughout the full incorporation process.

Corporate secretarial services
The Firm provides ongoing annual assistance for the maintaining of companies or branch offices in good standing.

Local authorizations / licenses / permits
We provide assistance for the obtaining of licenses, any special permits, environmental authorizations or other for the construction or rental of your plant or offices or to pursue your intended business activity.

Repatriation of investments / transfer of proceeds / foreign exchange issues
Ferchiou & Associés advises clients on means to guarantee the repatriation of investments and the transfer of funds abroad.

Expatriate, Work permit & residence permit.
Ferchiou & Associés handle all administrative formalities related to obtaining work permits and residence permits for foreign employees and their families in Tunisia.

Service contracts
We set up contracts and deal negotiation with all service providers for the outsourcing of Labor, subcontracting or even the provision of services.

Insolvency & restructuring
Ferchiou & Associés advises both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy who are submitted exclusively to the jurisdiction of Tunisian courts, the eventual risks of these and the impact of insolvency proceedings on the contracting parties.

Mergers & acquisitions
The Firm’s experience includes the organization of data rooms, performance of legal audits of target companies, review of legal and regulatory framework of transactions and potential legal risks.
The firm also advises on the impact of mergers on a market and legal strategies to prevent triggering of notifications to regulatory bodies.