Although purely environment related projects are relatively scarce in Tunisia, the Firm assists its clients on a regular basis in identifying applicable regulations and obtaining the necessary authorizations to conduct their business activities in the country.

The environmental impact study required by the current legislation for the start of any industrial activity or building of any industrial unit must identify the possible impacts of the project on air, sea, land, housing, wildlife, flora, archaeological sites, population, health and safety. It sets out the recommended measures of reduction, residual impacts and impacts after the achievement of the activity or the closing of the site.

We are well acquainted with environmental legal requirements in various sectors of industry, including hazardous waste management, wastewater treatment, protection of underground reservoirs, toxic substances, noise, etc. as well as matters of health and safety. Firm clients in this regard include power plants (rejection of cooling water into the sea and release of co² in the atmosphere), transportation infrastructures (storage of fuel for air carriers), petroleum companies (management of drilling muds), project developers (impacts of the construction of residential and commercial units on wildlife, flora and urbanism), textile manufacturers (fading units), manufacturers of cosmetics and detergents (management of chemical products), foundries and cement plants (corrosive substances), manufacturers of industrial batteries (storage of lead and recycling of battery scrap), manufactures of automobile parts (management and disposal of oils), etc.